Dissemination Conference

This EU funded Project (October 2016 - September 2018) aims to use the motivational effects of robotics (including AI (Artificial Intelligence)) and 3D printing to excite students (particularly young people) about science and to develop programmes to enable them to engage in the "New Age Technology” revolution.

The specific aim of the Project will be to develop an introductory training programme, incorporating a combination of robotics competition activities and curriculum, designed to help teachers to teach programming skills to young people to enable them to gain knowledge and experience of these new technologies, including the use and application of 3D printing (which can be used to build the component parts of robots).

Robotics & 3D Printing Defined

Robotics is a multidisciplinary technoscience that combines mainly mechanics, electronics and computer science. Its goal is the research, design, development and building of robotic systems controlled by integrated circuits. ROTENA Partners see the learning and use of Robotics as a way to develop the skills that will allow people to build autonomous projects that will contribute not only for personal and professional development, but also for innovation and entrepreneurship. The knowledge acquired in this field will make the users technologically adaptable in a fast changing society.

3D printing refers to the process of additively building a three-dimensional physical object from a digital model data (Computer Aided Design or scanned object) file by depositing and forming successive layers of material under computer control.

ROTENA Dissemination Video

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4th Partner Meeting 21st June 2018