EU15 Ltd is a UK registered career management and training consultancy that offers a full range of advisory services for all types of organisations and its staff have over 25 years of developing training programmes (both on-line and off-line). In view of the work undertaken by EU15 in the area of developing training materials, their support for SMEs and their elearning expertise they will be involved at every stage of development of the training programme development project and be an integral supportive Member of the project team. 

Ovar Forma - Ensino e Formação LDA (Portugal) aims to develop learning, investigation and formation, especially through the creation and management of establishments of learning. Its mission is to contribute to the personal development of the citizens through an adequate preparation to active professional live and the development of professional competences; promote the approach between schools and enterprises; analyze the local and regional necessities in terms of learning and promote learning opportunities which are adequate and cooperate with the national and foreign institutions in the development of VET. 

SMEBOX (Sweden) is focused on SMEs and their owners and employees. Working with SME-networks and organizations, EURES, National PES (In Sweden Arbetsförmedlingen) and other stakeholders for many years we can say that some of our core skills are in line with the objectives of this project. We have also participated in projects where assessment and analysis of skills has been a part, creating international programs for Entrepreneurship and Business Development. 

The University of Ljubljana (UL) is the largest in Slovenia, with 300 study programmes. The Center for Social Studies of Science (CSSS) is an academic research institution at the Faculty of Social Sciences and engaged in the study of societal dimensions of scientific and technological developments, both internationally and at home. The central topics are ethical, legal and societal implications of new technologies, the science-society relationship, (bio)ethics and technology, knowledge transfer, science communication, etc. The CSSS is experienced at public and stakeholder engagement, and in conducting research with surveys and


       University of Ljubljana

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